Eating for Happiness: How To Boost Your  Emotional Health With Wholesale Food

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Your diet can affect your health, wellbeing, and happiness. From foods that boost your brain to foods that bring back warm memories, what you put on your plate matters. 

Your emotional wellbeing is linked to food.

You may be able to boost your mood with specific diet changes. Although in general, it’s important to follow a healthy diet, there are also particular things you can do to ensure you’re getting the full benefits from your diet.

What if the pursuit of happiness started with your dinner plate?

By changing what and how you eat, you may be able to influence your mood in a positive way and strengthen your health at the same time.  

Working Under Pressure: Be at Your Best When It Matters

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Everyone feels pressure at certain times, but some people feel it more than others. And some people handle it differently. There are those that fold under even the slightest pressure, while others thrive under a moderate amount of pressure, but succumb to the power of pressure as the magnitude increases.

There is also a small group of people that seem to be addicted to pressure. They often work on Wall Street, in emergency rooms, or as risk-taking entrepreneurs. Given the wide range of responses, pressure and stress are interesting topics.

One prominent psychologist has proven his skill to predict which couples will divorce – with an accuracy rate of 94%! The best criterion he has found to predict which marriages will last and which will not is the ability to deal with pressure. How couples deal with high-pressure conversations in their relationship is the best predictor of marriage success or failure.

The ability to manage pressure can influence every part of your life: Physical Health, Mental / Emotional Health, Relationships, Career, Finances, etc.

Your skill in handling stress and pressure can affect these different aspects of your life. Since pressure is a common part of life, learning to handle it appropriately makes a lot of sense. There are numerous tools and strategies available for those that want to deal successfully with pressure. The responsibility to use them is yours.

Getting Started With Aromatherapy

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Aromatherapy uses aromas to enhance physiological and psychological well-being. It also includes the use of complementary ingredients that are found in nature. A few include:

  • The use of sugar as an exfoliate.
  • Clays and muds to purify the skin.
  • Sea salts
  • Herbs
  • Cold-pressed vegetable oils.

Aromatherapy has been in existence for thousands of years, but the distillation process required to extract essential oils wasn’t developed until the 11th century. Aromatherapy enjoys popularity in the United States, India, England, and France.

There can be much more involved in aromatherapy than smelling a few essential oils. The use of herbal distillates, carrier oils, vaporizer oils and phytoncides can make aromatherapy quite complex! Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to make aromatherapy complex. The beginner can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with simple methods.


Declutter Your Mind

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The word decluttering doesn’t just apply to housekeeping. In a household setting, decluttering refers to cleaning, general tidying, and eliminating things from the home that have become useless or obsolete.

The same concept can be applied to your mind. It’s the process of lowering the burden on your mind by eliminating unnecessary worry and thoughts.  This can be accomplished by making changes to your life and your thought processes. Though clutter is always caused by your mental processes, external events can serve as triggers.

Eliminating the triggers is a powerful way to declutter your mind.

But you also have ineffective habits for dealing with stress, boredom, and uncertainty. Excessive thinking can be another form of mental clutter. It uses valuable resources and drains your ability to focus.

Your environment is another possible source of mental clutter. A cluttered environment isn’t conducive to a calm and relaxed attitude. The people in your life can also clutter your mind.

It’s important to address every possible cause.

Negotiate Like a Pro And Get What You Want More Often

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You negotiate daily even if you don’t realize it. Whether it’s asking for a raise, choosing a restaurant to meet for lunch, or bargaining with your teenager, you’re a negotiator. Negotiation skills have never been more important. There are fewer good jobs available and conflict around the world is commonplace.

But, while negotiations are common, bargaining effectively doesn’t come easily to most people. Good negotiating skills must be both learned and developed. Experience is necessary.

Most negotiations are ineffective, take far too long, and result in at least one of the parties feeling bitter about the process. Relationships of all types can be permanently harmed by common negotiating practices.

You might not be negotiating multi-million dollars deals every week, but you do negotiate each day with those around you. The same concepts still apply. Learn to negotiate effectively, and you’ll get more of what you want and strengthen your relationships at the same time!

The Truth About Ego

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How many types of ego are there? Some philosophers have defined as many as seven types. In the name of practicality, we’ll only consider two:

  • Your sense of self-esteem or self-importance.
  • The part of you that feels a need to impress yourself or others. For example, buying an expensive car for the purpose of impressing your neighbor is an ego-driven activity. You wouldn’t have purchased it if no one would ever see it. Or you may want to prove to yourself that you can run a marathon. That’s also an ego-driven decision.

The first type is necessary, but must be possessed in the proper amount. Too little is paralyzing. Too much leads to arrogance.

The need for the second type of ego is debatable. It might be useful under the right circumstances, but it’s not a happy place to be. When you’re jumping through hoops and making decisions to impress someone, including yourself, you’re not as free as you can be. You’re a servant.

“All bad qualities centre round the ego. When the ego is gone, realization results by itself. There are neither good nor bad qualities in the Self. The Self is free from all qualities. Qualities pertain to the mind only.”

- Ramana Maharshi


Midlife Crisis? Finding Your Way Out

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The dreaded midlife crisis doesn’t strike everyone, but it’s a common enough occurrence that everyone is familiar with the concept. If you find yourself in the middle of one, your own concern is finding your way out.

There are many theories about what causes this common phenomenon in one’s older adult years. Many cultures, including Japanese and Indian, don’t seem to suffer from midlife crises. At least part of the issue seems to be influenced by culture.

A midlife crisis occurs in middle age and usually affects one’s self-confidence or identity. There may be a significant amount of regret over how you’ve lived your life and an intense desire to correct it as soon as possible. There is often a precipitating event that causes the sufferer to examine their life from a new perspective.

A variety of trigger events can start the ball rolling and begin a midlife crisis.


Live the Best Year of Your Life

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You may have tried to change your life before without much success. However, with an effective process, it’s possible to achieve more in a single year than most manage to achieve in a lifetime.

  • Most New Year’s resolutions are little more than wish lists with no chance of success. In fact, the average person forgets all about their resolution within a few weeks.
  • Setting goals is a powerful process, but only if done correctly. There’s much more to be done than making a list of desires and then waiting passively for them to be delivered.

Your current life situation is a combination of several factors. Your beliefs, past, habits, expectations, and resources are all factors.

A spectacular life requires balance. Wealth isn’t a substitute for poor health. A great relationship isn’t a substitute for having insufficient financial resources.

Making the next year the best year of your life is within your control. But there are several requirements. You have to know what you want, develop habits that support your goals, drop the habits that don’t support your goals, deal with obstacles, and stay the course.

Give Yourself a Self-Concept Makeover

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The life you’re currently living is the result of your self-concept. If you believe you can’t earn a good living, you won’t. If you believe that others don’t like you, your social life will be unsatisfying. Your self-concept serves as a self-imposed barrier. It’s necessary to eliminate the barrier if you wish to venture beyond it

You are limited by your beliefs regarding your past, your current situation, and your habits. Fortunately, these are manageable challenges that can be overcome with effort and persistence.

Super Boss: Be the Boss Everyone Wants While Accelerating Your Career

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Being a great boss is part skill and part art. If you’re a great boss, your employees will love to work for you. Most importantly, being a great boss is one of the best ways to accelerate your career. Being a good boss is much more than making your employees happy. It’s also more than driving them hard and bleeding every last corpuscle of productivity from them.

Being a good boss is like a tightrope act. Happy, capable employees that will go to the mat for you is the objective. Is it possible to have happy employees that are working hard to help you impress your boss? Absolutely.

Within reason, the more you do for your employees, the more they’re willing to do for you. Forget about bribery. It doesn’t work, at least not for long.

If you’re a great boss, you’re making your boss happy while your employees are simultaneously making you happy.