Fitness as Medicine – How Exercise Can Improve Symptoms and Even Reverse Chronic Disease


You’ve probably heard, from your doctors and the media, that exercise is good for you. What you may not know – and what generally isn’t talked about – is why exercise is good for you and how it’s good for you. Truly, exercise has been shown in study after study to reverse, prevent, and virtually eradicate diseases.

What about DNA?

If you’re like millions of people in the country and around the globe, you may have a family history of certain types of diseases. For example, when you go to the doctor they ask you about your family heart history, cancer history, diabetes, and neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s.

These conditions do have a genetic component that CAN make you more susceptible to getting the disease. However, lifestyle changes can impact your DNA. You can change your DNA by changing what you eat and how you exercise.

It’s a field called epigenetics. Epigenetics looks at your personal risk factors and explores how to change your lifestyle to prevent, or significantly reduce, your risk of getting the condition. Additionally, if you’re already dealing with a health problem, changing your lifestyle and exercising can reverse the condition.

In this guide we will discuss common conditions that exercise can improve, looking at where exercise as medicine is most effective. We’ll give a quick description of the condition and define it, then share a brief example of how exercise can improve the condition.

20 Diet & Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid


Dieting is difficult. You want to lose weight, get healthy, and maintain your goal weight, yet everywhere you turn there are different diets telling you different “secrets” to lose weight. This abundance of misinformation is enough to make your head spin.

It also leads to a lot of dieting mistakes. The truth is that dieting and losing weight isn’t so much about following a specific and secret process. Rather it’s about making positive changes to how you think about, prepare, and consume your food.

As you’ll see in this report, the best way to lose weight is to take a close look at what you’re eating now, how you’re eating it, and what you’re really doing every day. Then, you can make adjustments and take manageable steps to start losing weight. In fact, after you read this report and begin to implement some of the advice, you will be able to start losing weight right away.

Making the Most of This Book

Read the book through first. Then go back and begin to integrate some of the tips and advice into your daily life. Start making positive changes and start losing weight. Ready? Okay, let’s look at the first mistake; being too rigid with your food rules.

A Buyer’s Guide to Wearable Fitness Technology


What Is Fitness Technology?

Fitness technology has become such a part of everyday life that we often forget how unique and beneficial it really is. In fact, fitness technology, particularly wearable fitness technology, has become so popular that it’s listed as one of the top ten fitness trends for 2017.

And you’ll be hard pressed to find a fitness professional, personal trainer, scientist or physician that doesn’t recommend fitness technology for improving health, losing weight, and creating positive lifestyle habits.

Wearable fitness technology has become one of the most in demand categories for retailers and manufacturers. New companies are popping up across the country and across the globe, and existing companies like Apple and others are getting in on the trend.

But what does this all mean to you, and what exactly is wearable fitness technology? To help define and explain it, we’ll take a look at some basic categories of wearable fitness technology.

Lose Your Belly Fat – The Diet, Fitness & Lifestyle Tweaks You Need to Lose Your Belly


Why We Accumulate Belly Fat

Why, oh why, does fat accumulate around our abdomens? It happens to both genders. Men call it the “beer belly,” and women call it the “muffin top.” Either way, that collection of fat cells around your midsection is unwanted and unhealthy.

Depending on your genetics and your lifestyle, fat accumulates in many different areas on your body. It can accumulate on your backside and your thighs, as well as your abdomen. That’s really just the way it is. But while you may be predisposed to put fat on your abdomen, you don’t have to continue storing fat there. In fact, you can begin to burn that fat and get the physique and health that you desire.

A Bit About Hormones and Fat Storage

When it comes down to fat storage there are a few hormones that play a critical role in not only storing fat, but also burning it. They include, but aren’t limited to, insulin and cortisol. These two key players influence a good number of systems in your body. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that eating sugar causes you to store that sugar as fat, but when your body has blood sugar spikes and plummets (which are regulated by insulin), the low blood sugar causes an increase in cortisol and you end up in this cycle of hunger, stress, and fat storage.

You can break the cycle. You can teach your body how to burn fat by shifting your hormonal response.  You can change how your body stores and burns fat. You can get rid of your belly fat and finally have the flat abs you want.

There are 7 steps to this process, that are covered in this guide.

Top Fitness and Wellness Trends for 2018


It seems like every year some new crazy fitness trend or diet plan becomes incredibly popular. In some cases, the way people learn to become healthy catches on, and becomes an effective way to get fit year after year. In this way, a trend becomes a recognized fitness vehicle. Sometimes the opposite occurs, and something that is incredibly popular in the start of the new year fades in popularity by summer, and is gone before the year ends.

Fitness and health professionals, personal trainers and physical therapists closely monitor health and wellness trends as part of what they do for a living. Around September or October they begin to look for trends that will be popular the following year. With this knowledge they can better serve their customers and stay ahead of their competitors, by offering trending fitness programs that are popular with their clientele.

Heading into 2018 there are several trends which many health and fitness professionals have identified in 2017 as growing in popularity and widespread use. If you are a social animal, this can help you spot fitness programs that are likely to have a lot of participants, and you can join them to stay fit and meet some new friends. The fitness trends for 2018 listed below can also help you keep boredom from killing your desire to exercise.

Additionally, if you make a living by helping others improve their health and wellness, the trending activities in this report can help you pad your bank account, while also serving the topical needs of your prospects. Let's start by looking at a fitness approach that has a lot of people jumping on board because of its versatility and ease of application to just about anyone.

Fuel Your Fitness with Food – How, What & When to Eat to Meet Your Fitness Goals


Why Focus on Nutrition?

Good nutrition is essential for an effective fitness program. What you put into your body plays a key role not only in how you feel and look, but also in how you perform. If you haven’t been paying much attention to your nutrition before now, today is the day your life is going to change – for the better.

Here’s what you get when you focus a bit more on your nutrition.

  • Increased Energy
  • Better Results
  • Faster Recovery
  • Weight Loss

Some people, maybe you, exercise to eat. It’s the “I’ll run another mile so I can have a piece of cake” approach. This is a surefire path to weight gain, not weight loss. Why? Well, for one thing, you’re putting the wrong type of calories and food into your body. No, we’re not saying don’t have a piece of cake sometimes.

What we’re saying is don’t trade exercise for food. 99.9% of people overestimate the calories they burn and underestimate the calories they consume. This leads to weight gain. On top of that, it just detracts from your workout.

If you shift your focus to improving your nutrition, you will likely find that you can work out less and still lose weight (and still have the occasional cookie or piece of cake).

Exercise for Healthy Bones – Boost Your Bone Health & Prevent Bone Loss at Any Age


What Is “Bone Health” And Why Does It Matter?

Your bones are porous structures. They’re made up of minerals like calcium and magnesium, and they perform many important functions. They protect your vital organs from damage. For example, your ribs keep your internal organs, heart, and lungs sheltered, and your skull protects your brain from injury.

Bones also keep you moving, standing, and functioning. Think about what you’d do if you didn’t have leg or arm bones. It’d be pretty difficult to get something done, right? You need bones for stability.

Your bones also help repair and rebuild. There are three types of bone cells. They include: osteoblasts, which make new bone and help repair damage; osteocytes, which are mature bone cells that help continue new born formation; and osteoclasts, which break down bone.

Your bones also store minerals such as calcium and phosphorous, which help keep your bones strong. They also release those minerals into your system when you need them for other uses.

For example, you need minerals for your heart to function and beat normally. If you don’t have enough calcium or magnesium in your body to keep your heart beating, your bones will release minerals and try to correct the levels.

And there’s so much more to learn, like:

  • What happens to bones as we age?
  • Why does nutrition play a role in bone health?
  • Why does exercise play a role in bone health?

How to Tone Your Butt


Introduction to the Muscles of the Butt

What's better for a toned, firm butt, diet or exercise? Can you eat certain foods before or after exercising to fight flab, make muscle, and give you a toned, sexy rear end? Are heart-pumping cardiovascular exercises better for building a beach-worthy butt, or should you focus most of your time on muscle building, strength training activities? What role does water play in toning and firming your backside?

These are just a few of the more popular questions men and women ask when they are ready to get serious about creating a firm, toned bottom. One of the problem areas mentioned by many women frustrated with the results they are seeing from their exercise programs is the butt. While women are definitely the largest part of the butt-firming market, men often also express a desire to sculpt a firm, toned gluteus maximus.

Actually, though the buttocks is sometimes referred to as the gluteus maximus, it is only one of the 3 major muscles which make up your rear end.

This special report will help you strengthen your gluteal muscles and burn fat, so you can get a tight, toned, firm bottom that promotes overall wellness and fitness, and looks great in a bathing suit or skinny jeans. Let's get started sculpting a fabulous fanny by taking a look at how nutrition can give you the results you're looking for.

Boost Your Longevity – How to Add Healthy & Happy Years to Your Life


Why Life Expectancy Could Be Going Down

The average life expectancy around the world has more than doubled since 1900. We know a lot more than we did back then about how the human body works, and how it is affected by the environment, diet, our activity level and mental stress. This means that human longevity, a measure of the amount of time a human will live, is greater than it ever has been before.

There are some concerning statistics that show we are headed in the other direction, however.

  • 2 out of 3 people are either overweight or obese, and health experts say this problem is getting worse, not better.
  • Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other crippling health problems were not near as prevalent just 40 or 50 years ago as they are now.
  • We are more sedentary and less active than at any time in human history. Humans spend too much time staring at smart phone displays and computer monitors, and not enough time being active.
  • Ever since the sugar industry got us to believe the lie that fat makes you fat and unhealthy, the prevalence of refined sugar in food has helped cause obesity, diabetes, neurological disorders and a multitude of health problems on a scale like humanity has never seen.


Now for the good news... barring rare genealogical traits and freak accidents, you can pretty much live as long as you like.

That is exactly what this e-book is going to help you do... add healthy years to your life.

Injury-Free Fitness – How to Prevent the Most Common Workout Injuries


Let’s face it, injuries happen. They happen when you’re walking down the sidewalk, they happen in your home, and they happen when you exercise. Are they more likely to happen when you’re pushing your physical limits? Possibly. Do injuries have to be a part of fitness? Absolutely not.

Injuries do not have to be an expected part of any fitness program. If you follow a few basic guidelines and understand when and why most fitness injuries happen, then you can prevent the vast majority of injuries. Let’s take a quick look at the most common injury myths before we talk about the many steps that you can take to protect yourself and not get hurt.